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What happened to the American Dream?

Who acts as the safeguard to corporate power?

Do unions still have a role in building America’s future?



following the membership meeting at the Union Hall (approximately 11am)

MONDAY, JANUARY 29th at 6pm

Pikake Room at the Neal Blaisdell Center FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Parking will be reimbursed

Every day unions and their members are under attack. While corporate profits and executive salaries soar, American workers face disappearing pensions, increased hours and declining wages. The Star Advertiser reported that 47% of Hawaii’s families don’t make enough money to purchase basic needs. Workers are living paycheck to paycheck.

Many say unions have outlived their usefulness. Nothing could be further from the truth! “WHY UNIONS STILL MATTER”, an informative and enlightening presentation, developed by the University of Arkansas-Little Rock’s Labor Education Program and in conjunction with the IATSE, makes the case that strong unions are an essential component of a strong and stable economy.

IATSE members who have seen this presentation have given it great reviews and say that it explains our history and invigorates workers to be more involved in their locals and in the Union movement.

Everyone welcome! Bring family, friends, and neighbors! For information, contact IATSE Local 665 (808-596-0227)

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