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Aloha Members, an update for the first quarter of 2024

Aloha Members,

Just a short note to try and update you on the current activities of your local. We have sent out new membership cards to those who had a credit or paid their first quarter dues for 2024. We have had a couple of our long-time members retire (Mario Perez & Nephi Tahauri ) We wish them well in their retirement and will miss them. We have also had some of our members take an honorable withdraw status at the start of the year.

Its good to note that some productions have returned and we are hopeful for more to come this spring. On the legislative front we really need to have as many members as possible submit testimony to support bills that are relevant to our industry, we are competing globally for our jobs and are up against State and Government funded programs to incentivize film and television work in their States and Countries. Tui, frequently sends out notices about upcoming Bills that we need to support. Most of the notices he will send out are plug and play where you just have to enter your information in support of the various measures.

The recovery from being out of work is going to take time and we’ll recoup our financial losses and move forward. I strongly urge all of the membership to plan for your retirement and set aside funds for a rainy day. The easiest thing to consider for your retirement is to set up an individual retirement account, it doesn’t have to be a lot just a few dollars to get things going. The hard part is disciplining yourself to continue to put aside funds for your future. A few dollars set aside every paycheck you receive; will over time add up to a nice little nest egg.

If you haven’t thought about your retirement please consider reaching out to a financial planner of your choice and discuss options and goals for your retirement.
We recently returned from the Mid-Winter General Executive Board Meetings in Nashville, where we saw the changing of the guard of the executive officers with six Vice-Presidents retiring. Tui was elected to the International’s trustee department. congrats to him.

All the best,