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WGAʻs Triumphant Contract Negotiation

By January 4, 2024IATSE News

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has reached a preliminary three-year agreement with major studios, ending a strike that began in May. This new deal, valued at $233 million per year, includes pay raises, increased health and pension contributions, and novel protections around the use of artificial intelligence in film development and production. Under the agreement, studios will discuss their AI plans with the guild semi-annually, and while AI usage isn’t banned, writers have the right to sue if their work trains AI. The deal also ensures minimum staffing in writers’ rooms, links staffing to the number of episodes per season, and guarantees more than a 12% increase in minimum pay rates over three years. Additionally, there will be higher residuals for international use of TV shows and movies, and bonuses for popular streaming shows. The strike’s resolution allows for the return of daytime and late-night talk shows, though the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors union strike continues to affect Hollywood.

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