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Hello everyone,

Lately I’ve been puzzling over a number of things in our lives that seem to really require some attention. Privacy requires confidentiality, of course, but here is a small “smackerel” (thank you, aa milne) of things that I find myself actively trying to improve upon with the gang.

The Constitution and ByLaws is a good example. The targeted changes are pretty defined, but you know how it goes… there are many pieces to the solution, I think. This led me into document language and what might need changing, adding, revising and otherwise upgrading.

That took me into job descriptions and responsibilities. That took me to what was not written and whether it needed to be for some reason. Which led to how to change it – or whether to start from the beginning, or who might have something already that is close. So I slowed down and kept my eye on the motivating issues.

The structure of our Business Model has been coming up lately, too. As an example, I’ve found myself strategizing with many people in order to determine really useful ways to use the internet for the membership. Conversations have been ongoing and likely never-ending, as is the nature of technology.

Always present is how to better build our call system and structure, which is not in my domain but constantly in my consciousness. I find this to be our most pressing and ongoing challenge.

Training and how to gauge knowledge is a puzzle as well. Do we want something more defined or do we prefer the vagaries of the status quo? Change can be a bitter pill.

Thinking about our business structures, I find myself wondering if we might want a different – or another – building. The one we’re in has a few unique deficiencies and needs proactive attention to become more useful. Our location requirements are dictated somewhat by both out perceived needs and our Constitution; we are required by the By Laws to have our meeting place in ‘Honolulu’. Is that Honolulu County or City? It doesn’t say. Should we consider a revision? If so, what should it say? Should it simply include City & County or not? How about neighbor islands?

As a direct example of this, I’m very happy to thank so many of you for your interest this month in the training that Irish & I presented with my colleague Richard Cadena. The turnout was excellent, surpassing my expectations. Sorry about the oh-by-the-way football game in the mix. We will continue to offer this stuff as time and money and interest allows. Let us know how we can help you reach your goals.

Then there are contracts – of lack thereof – on our live event side of things. This tends to include partnerships and relationships with industry venues, businesses and individuals. We need to nurture our connections in open and constructive ways whenever possible. I can speak from experience that this is sometimes disappointing – and sometimes really discouraging.

But I think it’s all worth it. We are all worth it.

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