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Aloha, Brothers and Sisters

Congratulations to “Hawai’i FiveO” and “Magnum P.I.” on completing their respective seasons. It is no small feat to work those long hours for months on end, and you have all earned a restful hiatus. Well done!

During the break, we will be offering OSHA 10-GES certification classes. This is a standard Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) class that has been modified to our industry. This year, OSHA increased the maximum violation from $12,675 to $13,260 per infraction for each day the violation has not been remedied. Having an OSHA certification assures employers that you are a worker who cares about your coworkers and your environment. You become more valuable to everyone you work with because you minimize risk, injury and financial loss. More employers are demanding certification, so we encourage anyone who hasn’t been certified to sign-up for the course. Preference will be given to full-time workers on the two TV shows, but call to enroll even if you don’t work on either show.

Grip training and lift certification (manlift, boomlift, forklift and/or scissorslift) are also in the works during April and May. Tell us what kind of training you’d like.

In closing, all of our work is a direct result of the Hawai’i Film Tax Credit. Since its inception in 2006, our industry has grown four times to a $477 Million dollar industry. With the cap in place, we are already seeing jobs going elsewhere to film. Please continue to provide written testimony in SUPPORT of SB33 and the NEW BILL, SB365. Mahalo to EVERYONE who has provided testimony either online or in person. You are the reason the bills are heading to the Finance Committee (FIN). This is our last chance to remove the cap, so if you haven’t submitted testimony, be sure to do so for the next hearing. Imua, Local 665!


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