As every member knows, Quarterly Dues are charged the first month of each quarter: January, April, July and October. Payment for the upcoming quarter can be made by cash, check or credit card any time during those months. It is recommended that members pay the entire year in advance, if possible. Late fines add up fast!

In the second month of each quarter, a $25 late fine is charged. Additional $25 late fines are charged each month thereafter, unless payment is received. After the third month (90 days), a suspension letter is sent to the member and his/her privileges of membership are revoked until payment is made. After six months, an expulsion letter is sent and the member must make full payment or lose membership in Local 665.

Invoices for the quarterly dues are mailed out in January, April, July and October and for members who have email addresses listed with the office, an email reminder is sent near the end of those months.

The reason I decided to emphasize the quarterly dues in this newsletter is that we have an unusually large number of delinquent members this month. This month we billed out almost $3,000 in late fines for 1st Quarter Dues.

Everyone is busy – but delaying payment of your Quarterly Dues is expensive! You can easily wind up paying twice as much as those who pay on time. Mark your calendar – program your smartphone – ask your spouse to remind you.
Just don’t forget!


In today’s digital world, we sometimes forget that physical addresses are important. There is some information that has to be sent to members through the U.S. Mail – like notices of special meetings, financial notices, election information and ballots, etc. Please make sure the local has your current physical address or post office box. If you want to confirm or update, call Anne at the union office (808)596-0227 and she will check your file.


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