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First and foremost I offer my wishes for a healthy & prosperous 2019 for you and all that you call Family. I also wish to thank all those that have had enough faith in me and our process to ask questions, offer insight, advice and otherwise keep us engaged in the business of growing together.

More Training Coming in February (right around the corner)

Per many requests and conversations, there will be a workshop held in early February for the purpose of honing our collective skill in the Methods and Safe Practices involving Power, Lighting & Electricity. Related Control Systems & Networking will be explored as well. We are bringing in long-time writer, educator & trainer Richard Cadena to share his latest and greatest presentations! Some of you have read his books and some have attended his workshop before, so you know how fortunate we are to have him back.

February 2nd & 3rd will be a weekend workshop covering Power and Electricity; these two days are perfect for any who work in the electrics depts. February 9th & 10th will finish up with Control Systems and Networking on another weekend; these days are for those that wish to round out their knowledge of how technology is used to keep things in order and accessible. These weekend dates were chosen to allow for our Production technicians to attend, so please be sure to attend. Don’t be shy – this course will benefit all interested members!

We are also offering the use of our space for Richard’s standard 3 day workshop midweek on February 5th, 6th and 7th. This will be open to our colleagues that are not yet IA members and will be offered at his standard fee structure. Feel free to let our friends know about it. PLEASE RSVP to this notice; it will help us in many ways. Call the hall @ 808-596-0227 to be included in our count for food and refreshments. SPACE IS LIMITED. This is offered FREE TO OUR MEMBERS and paid for by the Training Trust(s) and your Local.

Constitution and By-Laws

Does anyone have an item in our formal written guidelines that is in need of review and possible revision? How about something missing that might serve our membership to include?
Many of you have offered input in regards to creating an additional paid position for our President position. There are certainly enough tasks for another responsible person not easily assigned to traditional office staff. Duties would logically be assigned and approved in concert with the Executive Board based on both need and the person’s attributes. These duties might include Community & Client Outreach, Training and Education, Building Improvements, Organization and Legislation. As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do. This position would act in concert but independently of the Business Representative – similarly to the relationship our BA has with our Secretary-Treasurer.

As your current President, I’ve avoided offering my opinion on the specifics that relate to compensation. I have however suggested making this change in language soon. I personally feel that any new paid position should be a part-time job as a way to begin the process without costing too much; this is how the Secretary-Treasurer’s position was created and it seemed to work well.

Let us know if you think this a bad idea, a good idea or something in between. Your perspective counts the most, in my view.

Here’s something else

Last week, a manager of a local rental house said that they had to increase their pay rate to an employee because I was talking to that employee about joining the IA. I asked if it was an isolated case of pay increase and was told that it was not isolated to just the one person.

I see this as a win for organized labor and what we stand for. Even though it will not bring anyone into our group right away, it means that working conditions for one more person have been addressed in the worker’s favor. What we do is making a difference in ways we don’t expect.


Be kind to each other out there, folks. It’s been a busy year for many and an incredibly difficult year for others in our ranks. Let’s make time to offer support to those that can appreciate it and tolerance for those that cannot.

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  • I have been a perimet in Vancouver for Iatse as I am ibew Electrician and did lighting for Iatse ,

    Looking at signing up with Iatse in Hawaii big island mostly ,


    • If you’ve worked as a referral in IATSE 665 jurisdiction (i.e. the State of Hawaii) with approval from the Business Representative, then you’re already in the system. It’s important to keep your paystubs in proper order, as they’re the basis of evidence that proves you’ve worked your approved days. You need to work 30 approved days in a calendar year. Once you’ve done that, mail physical copies to the hall (501 Sumner St #605, Honolulu HI 96817) and email digital copies to,, and Once you’re invited to join, You’ll need to prove 18 months of residency in our jurisdiction. Then there’s an orientation meeting and an application that needs to be sent to International for approval. There’s a one time initiation fee ($1000) and a non-refundable processing fee ($100) that needs to be in the form of a Cashier’s Check. If your application to International is approved, you’ll need to interview with the Executive Board. If the Board approves, then you’ll be interviewed by the membership. If they vote to approve your application, then you’re a member. There are quarterly and work dues that you’ll have to pay to be in good standing with the Local. That’s the short answer, but we could have a more nuanced conversation over the phone to go over the finer details of the process. Hope this helps! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. It’s been quite the whirlwind over here.

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